Built for Teams

We want to transform how your team communicates through private lessons, editing that brings out your brand’s best voice, and a host of other services. And we know how important it is to understand and integrate with your organization.

Easy for Managers

Once we start working together, you can be involved as much or as little as you like. One-click tools make it easy to set permissions for each member of your team.

Students book their own lessons on their own schedule. This can happen during workday lunch breaks or from the privacy of their own home.

In addition, you’ll enjoy a VIP level of customer service. Each time you ask for help, senior leadership will be the first to respond. We also provide detailed invoices to help you deduct employee training on your local tax forms.

Fits Your Goals

Lessons for one company should look different from lessons for another company. You have unique reasons for pursuing English fluency.

Rather than using a standard textbook, we adapt to your industry and goals. That’s why the consultation is so important. After all, you know your business better than anyone.

What’s equally as important is that we specialize in Business English. Teaching at the intermediate and advanced level, we focus on both language and culture.

Lessons and More

Private lessons and editing are our ‘bread and butter.’ They allow us to empower your team to work independently while ensuring professionalism in your brand voice.

At the same time, we’re also passionate about our other services: executive coaching, investor pitch practice, and friendly learning competitions and challenges. 

Of course, we offer incentives for referrals to other businesses. And anyone on your team who takes five lessons will enjoy a LinkedIn makeover for free!

Let’s talk about your team.

This books a Skype call with Eric, our institute director.