Meet Kate

“I needed to transform my English.”

As a journalist from Moscow, Kate needed English in her career. She started learning in a traditional way but only found her full potential through lessons online. Studying with the Global School of English not only helped Kate reach her path to fluency. It also gave her confidence to take her career to the next level.

Meet Haifeng

“Conversation was key, then writing.”

We helped Haifeng make a career transition, and he now works in the headquarters of one of the largest investment firms worldwide. After moving from research into finance, Haifeng told us that he wanted to write like The Economist. Now, he regularly publishes in English.

I started reading the Economist to learn how the top 1% of English writers think and articulate stories. I read every issue of the magazine during the next few months. Within a few months, I found myself writing stories that better aligned with the thought process and expression of my American colleagues.

Meet Vincent

“It helped me gain the confidence of my American customers.”

Vincent founded his own company for mobile app development. After establishing himself in the French market, we helped him communicate better with English-speaking audiences in the US and around the world. Vincent developed a strong bond with his teacher, even asking him to assess the English level of a critical new hire.

Four years ago, I started a new business in the software industry. It was very hard for me to speak in English with global customers. My teacher helped me relax and speak professional English. We struck up a friendship and he even came to Paris to visit me and meet my family!

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