Learning Paths

We have experience in many different areas to meet the unique needs of each student. Let’s talk about your goals and create a learning plan together.


Many of our students have learned English in the past, but haven’t had a good opportunity to practice speaking. We build confidence, target difficult sounds and help students give more detail and description. Students learn to explain words that they cannot translate, give more complete and structured opinions and even become the teacher from time to time. We talk about topics that get students excited, and learn about their lives, their professions and their hometowns. Every new student is nervous – it’s normal! Let’s get you closer to fluency.

Some years ago, we developed a short text that uses every nearly sound in the English language. This allows us to test your accent in 5-10 minutes rather than in multiple lessons. We quickly target the sounds and sound combinations that are most challenging for you, drawing on our experience working with native speakers of common languages. Our approach is a little unique – we encourage students to find a famous person whose voice will help guide them (Tom Hanks is a favorite). We happen to think that accents are a good thing and give us character. That said, we also understand social and professional reasons for reducing them. Please let us know whether you are focusing on being more understandable or on sounding more like a native speaker, as these require somewhat different approaches.

Beginners want to avoid writing at any cost! Advanced students want to sound like their favorite culture magazine or The Economist. Whatever the situation, we’re here to help you find your voice as a writer. Let’s discuss how the style of writing in English is different from your native language, looking carefully at idioms, structure, tone and grammar. We want you to take risks while mastering the fundamentals. Advanced students should contact us in advance so that we can pair you with the right instructor.

Join us for a virtual journey through the English-speaking world from Los Angeles to London, from Johannesburg to Manila. Part of our mission as a school is bringing cultures and subcultures to life. For students seeking new perspectives, we have plenty to share: literature, travelogues, traditions, festivals, cinema and more. Let us know where you;re going (virtually or offline) and how we can help make English-language cultures a part of that path. We hope you’ll share your own experiences as well. Ask us about our upcoming 52-week course, On the Road with American English.

Many parents around the world want their children to speak English better than they do. We respect this, and understand that they have many questions to make sure that their child is in good hands. This could be a younger child or a high school student preparing for university. Our approach is to build confidence and work on areas that will help students in all of their classes: speaking up more, providing more detail and giving deeper analysis. We work to understand your goals as a family and learn about their current studies and time commitments, making English lessons a fun part of their busy routine. Part of our approach is encouraging students to explore their interests through the language and to create projects of their own.


“Tell us about yourself.” This might be the scariest sentence in the English language. We work to help you impress interviewers every time by focusing on the unique qualities that set you apart, recalling specific stories that speak to those qualities, and practicing answers to common questions so that you can enter the room feeling confident and prepared. We have a general program for early- and mid-career professionals, and a specially-crafted program for senior leadership and business consulting interviews. Let’s get you that job!

When you’re a manager or an entrepreneur, learning English is different. Time is limited and you’re often responsible for far more duties than an average employee: public speaking, forming partnerships, negotiations, hiring and more. We teach project managers who call in during their lunch hour and executives who log in from a different location every week. Teaching business managers is exciting because the pace of business is fast. We know that it’s hard to be the boss and still feeling like you struggle to communicate. Our goal is to turn your day-to-day life into something that you can manage just as easily in English. We do offer invoices to make it easier to claim tax deductions and reimbursements for professional development.

Journalists, news anchors, political advisers and diplomats all depend on their ability to communicate. Our job is not only to help you improve your English; we also aim to help you tailor your voice within the language. Long sentences are followed by short ones. The complex and winding nature of other languages are replaced with a more efficient and to-the-point style. We discuss tone and formality, including when to use direct and indirect language. Most of all, we make sure that you are fully confident presenting on the types of events and stories relevant to your day-to-day career.

The fields of technology and engineering are filled with different accents. Even native English speakers often don’t understand the terminology in your field. And telephone meetings are filled with strange expression. All of this makes for a tough linguistic challenge! We help students succeed as a bridge between technical and non-technical professionals, learning to simplify and explain concepts like object-oriented programming and agile. Students practice presentations, phone meetings and handling project management issues such as informing a client of schedule delays. We can also help you prepare for technical interviews. Our teachers have experience recruiting for senior IT positions, such as at the MIT Lincoln Laboratory. We have worked with many developer-entrepreneurs as well.

Let’s face it: medical professionals need teachers who are nerdy enough to leap headfirst into their area of expertise. And we’re pretty nerdy here at the Global School of English. Because of this learning curve, we often ask students to present an introductory overview of their specialization. This includes doctors, residents, nurse practitioners and pharmaceutical researchers. We use that knowledge to develop a personal learning plan based on your specific goals. Material might range from public health reports to journalistic articles to TED talks about some of the greatest medical questions of our time. Our hope is that you not only improve in your accent but also in your ability to convey important information to a wider audience. Come be a poet and teach us about hematopoietic stem cells!


Many of our students take the IELTS or TOEFL to apply for an English-language university program. We pair them with a teacher who focuses specifically on that exam. The school has resources for preparation, test strategies for each of the four sections, and tips for working faster through problems to have more time at the end of each section. Did you know that most students believe that writing is their strongest skill even though most test-takers score the lowest on the writing section. We have special games and activities to help you spend more time perfecting your paragraphs and less time thinking of what to say. Let’s get ready for the big day!

From Latin America to Europe to Asia, we have worked with students preparing for less commonly-taught exams such as the TOEIC, Oxford, English IB and even Aviation English exam for commercial pilots. While we are honest about not being experts on these exams, we always research them in advance and offer our best wisdom on test preparation strategies. Tell us about your national or professional exam and we will be very clear about how we can help make sure that you are fully prepared.

Did you know that there are over 2,000 accredited colleges and universities in the US alone, not to mention the UK and Canada? It can be challenging to know where to start. There are also differences in application styles between countries and fields of study. From Stanford to Wharton, we are proud of the admissions that we have helped students achieve. Let’s review your statement of purpose, or build one together, in a way that creates a seamless story out of your goals and accomplishments as if there could be no better fit. We will do our best to help you manage recommendation letters, understand visas and adapt your resume. There are special tracks for MBA and PhD students so please let us know if this applies to you before we meet.

Even for native speakers, writing a PhD dissertation or Masters thesis is hard to do alone. We love working with academics – diving headfirst into new intellectual territory and offering a fresh set of eyes. Some of us began in academia. Tell us about your work no matter what stage of the process you’re at, from the literature review to the final revision. We can either stick to proofreading or really dig into the content to identify and fix weaknesses in the argument. Better get that methodology section looking clean before your defense!

While presentations are one-time events, publications are forever associated with us. We can help make sure that your usage and grammar are correct or even dig carefully into the argument and subject matter to provide substantial feedback. Whether preparing a journal article, conference paper or white paper for an organization, our goal is to create a finished product that you can be proud of. Send us what you have so far and when you need revisions. We are aware that most publications have tight deadlines.


I found that most schools catered to entry-level or native speakers. Few offer the advanced-level coaching that I need. The Global School of English helped me improve my English writing and speaking. This helps at my job in a large investment company.


Four years ago, I started a new business in the software industry. It was very hard for me to speak in English with global customers. My teacher helped me relax and speak professional English. We struck up a friendship and he even came to Paris to visit me and meet my family!

Vincent L (France)

The school has a great teaching team that is full of passion! I am a medical teacher in China and we can talk about anything from my honeymoon to my dissertation to my clinical specialty. Now I feel much more confident presenting at conferences and accessing foreign research.

Nat A (China)