Our History

The Global School of English began in a classroom in 2009. Ten years later, we’re truly global and 100% online. Much has changed, but we still obsess over teaching practical Business English to adults, helping them build confidence.

Read a little about our history.

Humble start

The school began in a small room with a big vision. Our founder taught the heads of nonprofit organizations in Egypt to help them win foreign funding.

Students created an organization and held passionate debates about how to run it. From the beginning, our lessons have been practical and career-relevant.

Going digital

In 2013, we went live online. Our second teacher was Nick, an American teaching Business English. This was his neighborhood in Belo Horizonte, Brazil.

Teaching online allowed us to help more paying students, and more students who could not afford to pay. These social impact efforts would later become known as the Emerging Leaders Program.

Global team

By serving our students, we spread to 40 countries in just a few years. We created our own editing service and began working together with entire business teams.

Talented teachers and staff members joined to help us build. This is Chandigarh — hometown of our web developer, Satinder.


Entering our tenth year, we’re paying attention to the details: a weekly blog, a digital library, seminars for teachers, and more.

We’re also promoting English as a right for employees and changemakers around the world, while making it easier to work together with businesses.

Our vision is to offer quality English to so many businesses and professionials that we can gift 100 lessons to low-income students every single day.

We’ve told you about us. Now it’s your turn.