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We’re a proud group of experienced teachers who love to teach! We listen to your needs to create a personal learning plan that builds skill and confidence. Our students are growing their careers, furthering their education and adapting to new countries!

Most students identify with one or more of our 15 learning paths. Our teachers have spent years in business, education and technology. We’re ready to listen to your needs and begin working together. Let’s start today with a trial lesson.

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What our students have to say…

I had the pleasure of working with a very professional, patient and kind teacher who helped me improve my job interview strategies and reviewed my software development resume. It helped to present my experience in the technology sector more confidently. Thanks!
Bruna S (Italy)
The school has a great teaching team that is full of passion! I am a medical teacher in China and we can talk about anything from my honeymoon to my dissertation to my clinical specialty. Now I feel much more confident presenting at conferences and accessing foreign research.
Nat A (China)
I found that most schools catered to entry-level or native speakers. Few offer the advanced-level coaching that I need. The Global School of English helped me improve my English writing and speaking. This helps at my job in a large investment company.
Every lesson we had was a lot of fun. We were sharing our stories with each other and even making our own. I have passed my TOEFL exam and moved to America. Without online lessons I would never be able to do that. They even helped me with the application process!
Laura M (Russia)
Four years ago, I started a new business in the software industry. It was very hard for me to speak in English with global customers. My teacher helped me relax and speak professional English. We struck up a friendship and he even came to Paris to visit me and meet my family!
Vincent L (France)

Packages and Plans
Students can choose from learning packages of 1, 5, 12, 30 or 60 credits. Each credit is worth one hour of private instruction. Credits can be used for group classes, editing and other services as well. We offer free payment plans to all students. Learn more about our learning packages and payment plans.

Scholarships and Discounts
Our mission is to provide a great education to as many people as possible. We understand that not everyone can afford our full prices. If you are highly motivated but cannot afford lessons, please write to us. Be as specific as possible about your story, your circumstances and your learning goals.

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