Let’s face it, no matter how confident you are in daily life, starting something new can be nerve-wracking. A new school, a new way of studying, and a new teacher. You might be feeling anxious and excited at the same time. So what should you expect from your first lesson?

Talking about Yourself

The first day is a great time to share about yourself. It could be about your pets, your hometown, or the things you liked to do when you were young. Do you play any sports? Is there a project you’ve thought about starting?

You can also talk about your job.Which part of your job are you best at? What skills do you like to improve at work? Share them with your teacher. They will note down the difficulties you have and create future lessons based on your needs.

Sharing your experiences is also a good way to connect with your teacher. You can speak about the places you’ve been or the projects you’ve done. Sharing more about yourself helps your teachers learn where you can improve.

Building Early Confidence

Maybe you can’t find people to practice speaking English with. Or maybe you’ve never felt fluent as a speaker. Whatever the case, we help you build confidence from day one.

In the first lesson, your teacher will encourage you to speak a lot. It’s natural to be nervous. Think of the topics that you’re passionate about teaching others. This is one good way to build confidence.

Can’t find the right words to say? Your teacher can help you find the courage to speak out. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes. In fact, making mistakes is often how we learn best.

Creating a Learning Plan

Successful learners have goals to keep them motivated. Decide what you most want to do with your English. Do you want to write better emails? Do you want to speak more confidently in meetings?

Think about the English skills you want to improve and the specific situations where you need them the most. Is it speaking and listening, or reading and writing? Your teacher can help you set goals that you can achieve.

Setting goals makes it easy to create a learning plan that works. It helps you learn more effectively, and stay motivated even when things seem hard. Plus, achieving them increases your confidence and helps you see your progress.

What will English help you achieve? Sign up for a trial lesson today.