All of us have something to share with others. It might be our family, hometown, or beliefs. It might be our work, education, or culture. Or maybe it’s a place that we visited.

Because you know something that we don’t know, you can teach us. And teaching is just as important as being taught; it puts you in control.

Share your profession

Talking about work is a good first step. In which areas are you an expert?

What do you enjoy about your profession? How is your team organized?

You can probably speak a lot about the challenges you face, or what your profession will look like in five years. These topics can build confidence while teaching your teacher something new.

Share your passions

When you walk into a bookstore, what part of the store do you visit first? Share your intellectual interests with your teacher. These can be a foundation for lessons: politics, art, history, fiction.

Sports are similar. Do you run or play football? Or do you prefer games like Chess or Diplomacy? Try to get your teacher as excited about it as you.

For many of our students, travel is one of their greatest passions. Where have you been recently? Have you visited your teacher’s home country?

Share a part of your personal life

We all have unique experiences. Sharing them can be a great way to connect with others. Plus, sharing a great experience or memory can put a smile on your face.

Where we come from – and the places we’ve been – have an impact on us. One simple way to connect with others is to talk about your favorite places and things to do in your hometown.

Storytelling is another great way to entertain and connect with people. Use all the topics mentioned in this article to create a story. What is a story you can share that will make people smile?

Explore the unknown

Trying to learn about new subjects can be hard but also rewarding. Reading is a great way to learn about new things. Increase your vocabulary by reading and learning from English sources.

Choose a topic you find interesting. Try to learn something new about it. Then teach about what you learned. If done right, learning and teaching in English can turn your skill into an expertise.

Remember that learning is a process. Don’t be harsh on yourself; mistakes while learning allows you to avoid these mistakes later on. So, make a mistake, learn from it, and continue to grow!