About Us

We teach English to professionals and academics from over 40 countries, helping students succeed in interviews, exams and major life transitions. Find your voice.

Our students come from all over the world. They may be seeking to prepare for an upcoming exam or interview, build confidence in their speaking or writing over time, or to take their career international. What they have in common is a commitment to improving themselves and a passion for learning.

We treat our students as members of a family, each with unique life needs and passions. Our first step is always to listen. We ask about your background and language goals to create a unique learning plan. You will also have a mentor to help make sure that your experience stays relevant and positive. While our students and teachers are very diverse, the school promotes three key teaching philosophies:

  1. Student-centered learning:
    Lessons focus on specific topics of interest and language needs, using live practice and real-world activities far more than textbooks. Students can also always make changes to their learning program. We regularly consult with students to make sure that their needs are being met.
  2. Empowerment-based learning:
    Teachers find early opportunities to build students’ confidence, providing a safe environment for students to take risks and make mistakes. We also connect learning English to mastering other challenges, remembering that it is a tool and not only a grammar.
  3. Learning by doing:
    Students act as teachers by presenting on topics of personal interest and, in the case of long-term learning, develop projects to share and take pride in as they progress towards an attainable goal. This helps to build momentum and push beyond ‘plateaus’ in their development.

We are currently working on a flexible curriculum to define these philosophies in the context of core language skills and student levels. This will help us offer level-specific recommendations for reading, watching and listening to English language content across all of our learning paths.

Teaching is a service profession. That means providing an excellent education, but also offering much more. We are quick to provide certificates and recommendation letters, or to answer questions about transit and visas. We help students choose the right universities, make time for them before important interviews, and even greet them at the airport when we can. This has been the key to our success over the last eight years. As a result, a large number of our students are friends or relatives of others in the school.

The school also runs programs for emerging leaders, matches donations to charity, and is researching ways to offer large free or low-cost classes to refugees, humanitarian workers and youth entrepreneurs. This helps us stay excited about our impact on the world and encourages teachers to join us who really care!

We are very proud of our teachers. Each has specialized training in education and a minimum of 5-7 years of experience, including time spent teaching in other countries. Many have additional experience that helps them understand students better: as principals, business owners, analysts, academics and parents. They have a clear passion for teaching and build strong relationships with their students, helping students to feel motivated to work harder to feel safe taking greater risks. See our teacher profiles.

Recruiting these special people is an on-going process. We reach out to teachers long before the need arises and conduct many interviews. Our recruiting is based on on-going student needs which are described further in our learning paths. Interested teachers are invited to learn more.