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Our Approach

We begin by asking many questions to understand you and your specific goals. Our job is to offer focused, meaningful lessons based on situations from your real life. We are close to our students and care deeply about helping them succeed through life’s major transitions. As part of our mission, we also offer partial scholarships to students from all walks of life.

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Meet the Teachers

Our teachers give us great pride. They have lived on six continents and served as school principals, entrepreneurs, business leaders and innovators in online education. We recruit very carefully, selecting only about 4% of all applicants. Each instructor has 5-20 years of teaching experience. Our diversity helps us offer deep knowledge of different industries and parts of the world.

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See what it means to become a student at the Global School of English. We invite you to register for a first lesson. You will receive a confirmation email with a link to complete a new student survey. This tells us about your specific needs so that we can find the best possible teacher. Whether your needs are short-term or long-term, we will respond quickly to get you on the right path.

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Every lesson we had was a lot of fun. We were sharing our stories with each other and even making our own. I have passed my TOEFL exam and moved to America. Without online lessons I would never be able to do that. They even helped me with the application process!

Laura M (Russia)

The school has a great teaching team that is full of passion! I am a medical teacher in China and we can talk about anything from my honeymoon to my dissertation to my clinical specialty. Now I feel much more confident presenting at conferences and accessing foreign research.

Nat A (China)

Four years ago, I started a new business in the software industry. It was very hard for me to speak in English with global customers. My teacher helped me relax and speak professional English. We struck up a friendship and he even came to Paris to visit me and meet my family!

Vincent L (France)

I had the pleasure of working with a very professional, patient and kind teacher who helped me improve my job interview strategies and reviewed my software development resume. It helped to present my experience in the technology sector more confidently. Thanks!

Bruna S (Italy)