Terms of Service 

1.) Overview

a.) Summary.
The Global School of English (“the school”) has a set of rules called the Terms of Service (“TOS”) which are described below. By continuing to use this website, you consent to the most recent update of the TOS. Please read through it carefully and leave the website if you do not accept.

b.) Ownership.
This website and its contents, unless otherwise specified, are the protected intellectual property of Pivot Global Consulting LLC (“we”), a US company registered in the State of Missouri (Charter LC001484227). It can only be reproduced with written permission.

c.) Staff
“Staff” refers to contractors who operate independently to provide teaching (“teachers” and “educators”) and other services to the school.

d.) Notice of Last Update.
The TOS was last updated on March 10, 2017.

2.) User Credits

a.) Learning Credits.

Users on this website can purchase learning credits, or virtual tokens, to exchange for educational services such as lessons, courses or videos. Learning credits may be called by a slightly different name on the website (e.g., lesson credits) but these names still refer to the same concept. When purchasing or earning these learning credits, users acknowledge and accept that the providers and services on offer are subject to change in availability, rate and schedule. Purchases of learning credits are nonrefundable and do not have a trade-in value.

b.) Use and Expiration.
When a user purchases, earns or is awarded learning credits, those credits are stored in the user’s virtual account. An account remains active as long as the user has purchased or spent at least one credit every six calendar months (and remains in good standing according to the community standards defined in this TOS). An inactive account diminishes by two credits each calendar month for twelve months, after which we reserve the right to archive or delete that account.

c.) Scheduled Lessons.
Many of our services occur at a predetermined time, or according to a predetermined schedule. Any changes or cancellations for this type of learning must be sent in writing at least 48 hours beforehand unless a user has an illness or emergency and attempts to contact us at the earliest reasonable opportunity. We understand that life happens, and many of our students are busy professionals or have unstable internet access. Instructors may decide in their sole discretion to be more flexible depending on the circumstances.

3.) Data Collection and Marketing

a.) Data Usage.

We may use cookies to analyze user behavior and data, such as IP addresses or browsing history, and store your information in databases. We may share that data and other information you provide (e.g., names, email addresses, phone numbers) with service providers that directly support the school. However we do not sell your data to third-parties. We do not store your credit card data however we may use external payment services that store this data for convenience. While we cannot guarantee full protection of your data, we take measures to protect it. You acknowledge that we will not be held liable should that data ever be compromised.

b.) Communication and Marketing.
We may send users account-related messages in addition to a newsletter with learning tips and resources, new services offered and more. You may opt out of some of these messages. We will do our best to make sure that you have relevant information without cluttering your inbox. Additionally, users may send private messages or support requests using the website. Those messages may be audited by website administrators.

c.) Risks of Online Communication.
We wish to remind students from dangerous countries that programs such as Skype are not always secure methods of communication, and to be wise about discussing sensitive information. This is true even while connecting over a virtual private network. You know best about the situation in your country. We are not experts in this field but are open to discussing issues of personal safety.

d.) Communication Archives.
Written, audio and video communication may be recorded and kept in an archive in order to train our staff and trainees and monitor the quality of our services. We will seek your consent before attempting to use this media in a public manner.

e.) Affiliate Links.
We may use affiliate links, which provide us with compensation for referrals to other products or services, on the website, in emails or on social media. We understand that trust is what keeps the school in good standing with our users. Accordingly, we will never recommend a product or service unless we believe that it is relevant and useful.

4.) Community Standards

a.) Respectful Behavior.
We expect all educators, students and staff members to treat each other with respect. This includes refraining from harassment, unwanted contact and language that is intended to be offensive. Continuing to use this website and participate in the educational services of the school indicates that you acknowledge that the director will have the final say and sole discretion in determining what is acceptable. In most cases, the response will be a frank conversation with those involved. In cases where the behavior continues or is especially aggressive, we reserve the right to remove users from the site or to limit their access to certain providers or services. These types of issues are extremely rare but it is necessary to have a policy in place to protect members of our community should they occur.

b.) Appropriate Fit.
We try to make sure that we can offer value to incoming students based on their expectations, motivations and timeline. We reserve the right to decline or limit users (e.g., from purchasing new credits, from spending credits with certain providers or on certain services) when we feel that this is not the case, or when doing so would cause undue burden on our staff, conflict with our social mission or cause potential issues given our status as an institution registered in the United States.

c.) Departing the Platform.
The school invests significant time, resources, passion and creative energy in providing a service that attracts motivated students and matches them with excellent teachers. Student-teacher pairs or groups that have worked together for a long time may eventually wish to continue lessons outside of the website. This is discussed on a case-by-case basis and only approved through explicit written permission from the director beforehand. When this happens without prior approval, it is considered a violation of the TOS because it undermines the core service that we provide. We take this very seriously and may confiscate learning credits or existing funds owed for instruction.

5.) Additional Information

a.) Amendments.

We may amend the TOS without notification, however we will do our best to notify users about major changes and discuss reasonable solutions if policy changes cause challenges for any individual. The last date that the TOS was modified will always be posted. We will not change the modification date for changes that are purely grammatical.

b.) Sanctions Compliance.
As an American company, we are bound by all United States rules and policies regarding sanctions towards governments, regions and individuals. By continuing to use our free and/or paid services, you are representing that you are not a permanent resident or citizen of restricted countries, or listed in the “Specially Designated National” publication issued by the U.S. Treasury Department’s Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC). Certain exceptions may be made for users who provide proof of legal residency in a permitted territory. In this case, you agree not to access our website or any services while in a prohibited territory.

c.) Violations and Judgement.
We reserve the right to judge TOS violations at our own sole discretion and to decide an appropriate course of action, including to cancel existing credit balances and access to the website, if such actions are particularly egregious. You agree that we do not have financial or legal liability for account closure or credit confiscation. The director functions as the head of the school and is empowered to settle any disputes that arise. Our aim is to prevent and resolve any conflicts that may arise in the fairest and most efficient way possible. It become necessary, we elect to handle any legal disputes under the laws and jurisdiction of the State of Delaware.