Our Teachers

Each teacher at the Global School of English has years of experience, a love of students and a great story to tell. Who can help you succeed in your learning path?

Heidi B.
Heidi holds a Master's in TESOL, having taught every proficiency level at the University of Oklahoma. She has experience as an accent coach, writing tutor, Business English instructor, and teaches immigrants to the US. Heidi grew up in Texas and now lives in Arkansas. She has worked with students from all over the world and loves learning about other cultures.
Paul C.
Paul earned his CELTA certificate in New Zealand and has been in online instruction since 2007. He teaches many different subjects but serves as our resident specialist on the IELTS and TOEFL exams. When not teaching, Paul particulates in a business coaching program with a London-based firm. He is always looking to learn new styles and methods of teaching to open his own language institute someday.
Andriika C.
Andriika has taught English for five years, serving as a teacher trainer and curriculum developer. She has taught Business English with an emphasis on US culture, and believes strongly in building a close relationship with students. Andriika lives in North Carolina where she loves to cook, travel, write and play music. She also aspires to open her own school one day.
Lindsay M.
Lindsay is an American teacher with a Master’s degree in Education. She is passionate about making meaningful connections with her students. Lindsay's experience includes teaching in school districts across the US and even abroad in Korea. She dreams of eventually pursuing another advanced degree. Lindsay speaks some Spanish and once ran a successful business selling kombucha by the bottle.
Nick C.
Nick is an American Ph.D. student at Clark University. He began teaching in Brazil and also lived in Nicaragua and the Peruvian Amazon. Our school's second teacher, Nick has been with us nearly since the beginning. He speaks Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese and even a little Quechua. Nick currently accepts a limited number of students due to his doctoral studies.
Eric F.
Eric, our founder, is an American consultant with UN, State Department and Fortune 500 experience. He loves learning about new cultures and sectors, moving between Washington, Budapest and Amman. Eric is TEFL-certified, focusing on interview preparation, business English and test strategies. He speaks Arabic and aspires to work as a diplomat in the MENA region.